MirkoIRC - a community IRC server


## Connect

To connect directly, configure your IRC client with:

    Host:     irc.itunix.eu
    Port:     6697
    SSL/TLS:  true
    Password: <none>
    Channel:  #mirko

    Or use the web client here (old) / here (new)
## How to start?

1. Select your nickname.

/nick <username>

2. Register an account with your nickname.

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> [email]

3. Confirm your registration, go to your e-mail account and copy the authorization code to IRC.

4. Log in to your new account.

/ns IDENTIFY <username> [password]

5. Go on our main channel, or create your own and invite others to join you.

/join #mirko

Register own channel with:

/CS REGISTER #channel